Visiting Chiang Mai for an Unforgettable Experience

Many people from around the world visit South East Asia as it is known for its culture, diversity, natural wonders its people and, of course, its wonderful cuisine.

Cambodia tampleThailand is one such popular country in South East Asia. For anyone who has already visited Thailand, they may probably have also visited the Northern city of Chiang Mai which is the second biggest city in Thailand.

Chiang Mai is a true marvel of nature. It’s a fascinating city surrounded by mountains and nature. It is home to some beautiful waterfalls, forests and other great scenes of nature. But do not worry as you would not have to miss home as this city has many restaurants, and you can have a meal from your home country be it Italian, Chinese, Indian or middle eastern you can even have the best breakfast in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is full of activities for anyone to do. You can go elephant riding, visit the tiger kingdom, go rafting, trekking, or zip lining through the trees. This city is full of adventure and will never seem to amaze even the most avid traveller.

Chaing Mai is not your typical buzzing tourist destination. It does have a few areas that are targeted at tourists and shopping. However, the majority of the city is open, and a visitor can enjoy the local culture. If you want a spot of nightlife to enjoy and unwind with friends, there are some areas that will give you that enjoyment. If you want to take your kids and family for a fun picnic, there are many parks and nature reserves that you can go to.

For breathtaking views, you can go up Doi Suthep or even higher to Doi Inthanon, which is the highest point in Thailand. No matter what your heart desires, Chiang Mai has something to offer all those who visit.