Picking the Perfect Pergola for Your Yard

One of the most effective ways to beautify your garden is by putting up a pergola. Since their inception in the late medieval times, pergolas have been common structures in the most beautiful gardens all over the world. They are not only structures that add to the aesthetic quality of your garden but are used to give some shade from the extreme rays of the sun.

Mostly, pergolas serve as structures for growing ornamental vines. When the vines cover the upper part of the pergolas, the area beneath it becomes an ideal place to relax or use it for any of your outdoor activities like a barbeque party or just a place to while the time away. You can also have your coffee while entertaining a friend. Indeed, with ornamental plants hanging on it, a pergola can be the ultimate addition that your landscape is waiting for. With a pergola on your yard, your garden is not only a thing of beauty but also a functional one.

When purchasing a pergola, it is essential to spot the best out there.

Aesthetic Appeal

oriental stylePergolas can come in different designs, shapes, and colors. You have the option of selecting from Oriental, Western, or Medieval designs. You can also customize your own design. When it comes to design, there are a lot to choose from. The aesthetic appeal of a pergola may not only depend on its intrinsic beauty but also is dependent on where you install it in your garden and how you decorate it.

The shape of pergolas can be oval, quadrilateral, or triangle. For the shade, it may not be a significant factor as you can always change it by repainting it with your favorite color for the moment.


The size of a pergola depends on your other purpose other than its beautification function. If you plan to be staging large parties in it, you have to go for larger pergolas. If your objective is for it to give you shade for your afternoon coffee with hour hubby, then a smaller pergola may do. The height of pergolas can also be a factor to consider. If you are over six feet, you may not want a pergola that is exactly six feet in height.


flowersCan a pergola last as long as your house? Yes, they can as long as the materials used are durable, and they are installed well enough to withstand weather conditions. The stability of a pergola can also affect its life span.

Other factors to consider are the accessories that come with it. Some pergolas may come with sidewalls on its side or trellis for vines to climb. It also helps to know if the pergola is easy to install. If you are buying online, most probably, you will have to go for easy to set up pergolas if there is no available help.