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Marble Tiles


We have your best interests at heart and thats why we offer the best services in terms of producing high quality marble. Our fine quality will definitely stand the test of time reason being we use durable materials.

We ensure that our stock is replenished at all times and it is always our duty to deliver products to your doorstep. Marble not only beautifies your home but it also has many other benefits which include a luxury appeal. It is resistant to stains and scratches ensuring that cleaning it will be a very easy job thus saving you time. Among its other benefits include its high durability.

empty decorated roomOur different varieties of tiles mean that all varieties to suit all kinds of homes are available. We supply marble to our clients on a daily basis. Your satisfaction is our main concern. Our wide ranges of materials include slab and tile among others.

Now lets look at the various types of marble that we have in store for you:

Dark Emperor

This kind is manufactured in Italy from a layer of stone bonded into a ceramic slab. It is thin yet strong and suitable for your walls and floors. It suits the kitchen, bathroom, flooring and wall tiling of any kind.

Maintenance of marble tiles is unbelievably easy. Traditional bathroom cleaners and scourers should not be used, instead soap with a mild ph level is sufficient to remove all the dirt and leave the marble impeccably clean. Use special soaps like easy care.

Aegean Pearl Brushed

Pear brushed has a pearl like quality which is quite interesting. You cannot easily make out whether its color is beige or grey. Its surface is brushed and gently undulates catching the light in a manner that makes it have the appearance of a time worn marble floor. It is generally suitable for any kind of floor but best suits the kitchen, bathroom and shower.

marble bathroomPietra Bianca

Made from limestone, Pietra Bianca is pale and has speckle like bubbles.

It is dark in color . Its finishing makes it highly attractive. Its design accentuates its linear markings within the stone. This gives rise to horizontal lines appearing within it.

Marble tiles London is the solution to all you flooring needs.