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Buying a Doll House for your Toddler

Doll houses are essential to play toys for toddlers and especially girls from the age of 2 years up to 10 years. Little girls are obsessed with making up their little home just like they see their mothers do. This is why a doll house from We Love Dollhouses is a favorite gift for every little girl. There are many doll houses available, and when planning to buy one for you daughter, you may get overwhelmed by the many options.

Tips on buying a doll house

Age of the kid

The age of the kid is an important factor to consider when buying a doll house. Fosome toysr younger kids, look for a doll house that is not very complicated to build because they are still too young to explore. Also, avoid a doll house with many small parts that can choke the kid in case they start biting the small parts.

For bigger kids from 6 years and above, you can look for a more complex doll house. Bigger kids what something that will challenge them when building it so remembers to look for this aspect.

Theme of the doll house

Dollhouses come in different styles and therefore, and it is important to understand them. To choose the right kind of them, take time and understand what fascinates your child. For instance, we have children that are fascinated by princesses and castles.

In this case, you can look for a doll house in the form of a castle with princesses. We also have vintage houses, the traditional houses and also the modern urban houses that we have today. The kind of theme you choose all depends on the interest of your child.

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The size of a doll house should be about the age of a child. A big doll house may look too huge for a two-year-old child to handle while a small house maybe too small for older kids. The size of the doll house also determines where you will place the doll house. If you have enough space to set the doll house, then don’t be afraid to go for a bigger doll house.


If you want to buy a doll house, take time and look for a durable one. Most of the doll houses are made using plastic. Take time and find a quality plastic that will not crumble under pressure. A durable dollhouse can be sold when the kids grow older.