Types of Natural Hair Wigs

Natural hair wigs give you a look and feel similar to that of your natural hair. They are also designed to make the wig easier to maintain and comfortable to wear. In this modern world, natural hair wigs can be easily washed, trimmed and they can also withstand heat when styling. Even so, choosing a natural hair wig can be a big task especially for a first timer. This is because there are many natural hair wigs to choose from. If you are looking to get one, below are the types of natural hair wigs you can choose from based on texture and the lace.


Based on Texture

curly womanAfro Kinky Wigs

This is one of the most popular types of natural hair wigs. This is because it helps people achieve that kinky afro style they desire but are unable to achieve because of the length, texture or volume of their natural hair. If you are looking for a natural, fun and unrelaxed looking hairstyle, then this is the perfect wig for you.

Straight Kinky

This wig resembles the afro kinky hair after conditioning and straightening it. Thus it generally looks relaxed, but it has a few ripples. If you are looking for a natural hair wig which looks like you have relaxed your kinky hair, this is your perfect choice.

Coily Hair

This natural hair wig looks like the afro kinky wig but it has lesser volume, and it is curlier. This makes it the perfect wig for a look which people will hardly think that it is a wig.


Based on the Lace

U Part

U part natural hair wigs are for beginners. They are called U part because, the hair is usually braided down, leaving a small part that is U shaped. Thus one can incorporate their real natural hair making them more which makes one feel more comfortable as they are using their scalp as well as the hairline. Achieving this is not hard, and one can easily learn from a stylist or internet tutorials.

Lace Frontal

With lace frontal wigs, the hair is tied into a fine and very thin lace, which perfectly imitates one’s natural hairline. The use of a tweezing process helps in creating natural varieties. If you are aiming towards adding length, volume and not leaving part of your natural hair out, this is the best option for you.

wigFull Lace

This is the type where the front lace acts as the base of the whole wig. This makes the wig ideal for someone who is experimental with their hair because one can easily style the wig into a ponytail, wear it half down or even half up.

With this guide, you will easily choose the wig that best fits your preferred hairstyle and needs. Once you settle on the type you want to buy, ensure that the wig has things such as convenient clips and easily adjustable straps to make your wig experience even better. Remember to take care of natural hair underneath even as you rock your wig.